Analytech presentations and exhibitions; cover advanced technology and expertise issues for the research, observation and process and quality control phases in LAB environments. 
In many branches of the industry, analysis systems constitute the basic applications of laboratory environment, production and control processes. Health, medicine, chemistry, petro chemistry, food, agriculture, veterinary medicine, textiles, cosmetics, energy, environment, mining, automotive, electric/electronics, aviation, building and production industries…
During the research-development processes and product processes of the industries advanced analysis technologies are used. These technologies together with LAB devices and materials, will meet the related expertise groups at Analytech.

The knowledge, technologies and product technologies of analytical systems and LAB industry that go towards different sectors, are all included in the scope of Analytech. Corporations that provide products and services in all of the expertise areas from scientific research to laboratory environments, from scaling, screening and analysis technologies to industrial processes; will meet the experts and users of the specific field.

Expo Analytech is not held just as a fair and an exhibition. It focuses on the fair as an occupation platform and an “information network” that spreads to a wide hinterland in the field on Life Sciences. As well as the products and services to be exhibited, technologies to be presented at the stands, the conference, meeting and technical presentation environments that will be carried out during the fair will bring together LAB and analytics experts the framework of this information network. Expo Analytech’s occupational network approach continues to serve the Life Sciences industry by providing publications, meetings and communication channels during times before and after the exhibition.

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